Posted by: corozmum | April 21, 2010

Going Without Potatoes

On Saturday we did a nice roast pork meal. We don’t usually bother just for the two of us. Unfortunately we used up all the potatoes! No pay till Thursday and we don’t go to the supermarket till the Saturday after. The bank accounts are bare after our trip away and I can’t bring myself to put potatoes on the credit card! So no potato for a week.

Sunday was pork sandwiches with a glass of wine. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Monday The Ref goes to Rotary and gets a meal. He had lasgne and as he’s not a big fan of pasta, thats pasta off the menu as a potato substitute. Damn! I had satay and noodles.

Tuesday. What to have!?! A rummage in the freezer netted enough hash browns to have with our fish and salad…..

Salami for pizza on Wednesday…..

Tortilla for Thursday night…..

and chicken breast for Butter chicken and rice on Friday. Pretty good aye!

You watch, instead of a Saturday soccer game The Ref will be given a Sunday one and we won’t get to the supermarket till Sunday. If that happens he’ll just have to suck it in and have pasta AGAIN!


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