Posted by: corozmum | April 20, 2010

Men Have Senior Moments Too

My sister and I were discussing the increasing incidence of brain fade we’ve been experiancing. She told me this story as a prime example.

She took the cordless phone down to her husband in the garage so he could take a call. Some time later when hubby was up in the lounge gib stopping she went to make a call but the phone wasn’t on the cradle or nearby in the dining room or kitchen. Hubby couldn’t remember where he had left it. She did a ‘man look’ in the lounge before heading down to the garage where it was more likely the phone had been left. No phone! Further inquiries with hubby revealed he’d been out to the van for gear before starting the gib stopping. A search in the van and another search in the garage and still no phone!

Next step was to phone home so she went back to the garage and phoned. No ringing could be heard but as she headed towards the stairs she could hear ringing from above. She followed the sound into the lounge and kept searching getting closer and closer to her hubby.

“Can you see the phone, it must be nearby because I can hear it”.

The sheepish reply was “It’s in my back pocket.” !!!!!

Apparently he had forgotten it was a cordless and tucked it there as he does his mobile phone. When asked why he hadn’t answered or said anything the answer was “I’m gib stopping!”


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