Posted by: corozmum | April 19, 2010

Coroz Walk

After being here a year, Coro has decided she wants to explore beyond the 6ft high fence. She often walks the Ref to school and came with me a couple of times when I was heading that way for jubilee stuff. We don’t mind because its only a few minutes walk and a fairly safe journey home for her.

Last night we were out of milk and headed to the supermarket for it. Its a 10 min walk and across a couple of very busy roads. When we first got here Coro couldn’t get under the gate but she has learnt to shimmy under now. We closed the gate on her and as soon as her head appeared we growled till she disappeared. Got down the road a bit and who was a few feet behind?

Where are the local dogs when you need them to scare her back home? We growled, hissed, clapped and stamped our feet. She would disappear home and be right behind us further down the road. When we got to the corner and the first main road, I continued on and the Ref nipped down a drive and along an alley behind the Accountants. Coro was close behind him so he threw some stones just in front of her and she disappeared. We ran across the road and round the corner. People driving passed thought we were weird cause we were peeking though the corner of the window to see if Coro had really gone home. No such luck! She started to cross the road but luckily 4 or 5 cars came along and she disappeared back up the alley. We waited but she didn’t come back so we continued on.

Usually we do the block but we thought we better go back the way we had come just in case she hadn’t gone home. Sure enough she was sitting on the fence by the accountants and mewed mightly when we appeared. I don’t think she could believe her luck when I called her. She happily escorted us home with her tail in the air. The Ref continued on to the pub, but Coro was happy to follow me in the gate and promptly flopped when she got in the door.


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