Posted by: corozmum | April 15, 2010

Working Holiday

As it was school holidays for The Ref and semester break for me, we did the usual loop of the North Island. Four hours up to spend weekend with son (stopping for lunch with daughter before she went to class) then another 4 hours over to the In-laws for a few days and a long trip home yesterday.

Going to visit son is always expensive! We own the flat he lives in. Earlier this year the gas stove was condemned. Buying the stove wasn’t too bad but having the 1950’s pipes and regulator replaced and the meter adjusted cost a bomb. Also needed a new stove switch as what we bought was a free standing gas hobb with electric oven rather than full gas again. Luckily son is doing his electrical certificate and we only had to pay for parts as the job was done as part of his training. The house needs rewiring as the original wiring is stuffed. That will also be done as part of his training early next year. We’ve been telling him we bought the house just so he could use it to train on!!

This trip we had to sort out the lounge door, which has warped and broken the handle, new door and hardware needed.  As well, two windows with dry rot in the frames need sorting before winter. We’re up for new aluminium frames. The money keeps going out!

We’d ordered double glazing for our upstairs master bedroom. It went in while we were away. We like it except it’s not tinted as requested so doesn’t match the rest of the upstairs windows! Groan….. another problem to solve!


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