Posted by: corozmum | April 8, 2010

Cluster Flies

About a month ago we finally had some hot summer days (hard to believe less than a month ago was summer with 1-2 degrees over night the last 2 nights). We’d had windows and doors wide open. When we went to bed there were a couple of flies buzzing around being annoying so we sprayed and more flies appeared! We sprayed some more and more flies appeared. Several sprays latter there were flies dive bombing us and buzzing around angrily. The room reeked, so we gave up and went downstairs to sleep in the spare room. Next morning it was fly cemetary in our room, bathroom and on the landing. You couldn’t put a foot down without standing on them.

The Ref was told at work that it sounded like Cluster Flies. I’d never heard of them and didn’t really believe such a thing. Then a couple of weeks latter there was an item on the TV news about cluster flies having arrived from overseas a few years ago and they are well settled and thriving in our area! (no-one warned me about that before we moved here!)

The TV story showed a lady whose house was inundated. You could not see the carpet for the flies. She had to sweep, then vacuum. My heart went out to her and I realised we had got off really lightly.

Apparently the flies live or hatch underground then in autumn they look for somewhere warm and dry to hibernate (houses and outbuildings on farms are popular). When they find somewhere or get agitated they buzz and send out pheromones which attracts other flies and they cluster together. By spraying and not shutting the window initially we inadvertently attracted more flies from outside. For a couple of weeks we couldn’t open the bedroom windows without getting flies and we had to shut then spray to get rid of them. I was glad to get cooler temperatures. We’re thinking we’ll need mesh screens over our bedroom windows next year. And now we know what they are we will be more careful next autumn.

After putting up my post, I like to look at the similar posts listed below. A couple of posts on I found this one about what flies do when they aren’t annoying us.


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