Posted by: corozmum | March 26, 2010

UGH! Grad Applications!

Well, 6 grad applications in 3 days what a mission! I’ve stuffed up at least 3. They say triple proofread. Every time I looked at my cv or letter I found a new mistake. I made at least one classic stuff up and forgot to change the name of the company in the application letter! The other classic was not changing the location of the job!! It’s a good thing I’m doing these for ‘practise’! It is so easy to miss read or misunderstand things. Answering the questions and doing the tests was hideous. At least my cv and application letter pass careers services now.

I went to register to apply for one job and it said I’d already registered with them. So I went back to login and tried the password I’d used for the previous job application. Not a good idea. I couldn’t sit the on-line test because the system (both companies use the same company and system for recruitment applications and screening) had picked up the links from the previous job application. Took all day to sort out and I finally completed application this morning. So don’t use the same user name and password for each application. Save yourself some stress and make sure they are all different!

Much to my relief the next 3 grad appliations are spread over the next 5 weeks and are starting to be ones I’m really interested in. Hope what I learned from the last lot has honed my skills.



  1. How are those applications going? Looks as though you’ve got a good strategy going there.
    Good luck!

    • 4 Dear Johns (thanks but no thanks) so far and one request to go to the next stage. An on-line reading, numerical and attitude assessment. At least my cv wasn’t declined straight away!

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