Posted by: corozmum | March 22, 2010

Making Pesto

I’m a novice gardener and a few weeks ago my 6 basil plants were finally big enough to pick to make a batch of pesto, but I pretty much left stalks. Linda Hallinan from ‘Get Growing’ said you could be mean to your Mediterranean herbs. Boy was she right! They are way bigger and bushier. I’ve just made 2 batches and I could make another and still have leaves on the bushes.

If you want to make your own pesto this is a good recipe. You can also make pesto in bulk and freeze it in cubes.

On the programme they say you can substitute cashew nuts for pine nuts. I thought cashews were expensive but my husband (ever the budget concious grocery shopper) tells me they are cheaper than pine nuts and proceeded to buy cashews for the pesto. Except he got the roasted, salted variety and of course they got eaten before I got to make the pesto! Last time I got milk I grabbed a packet of unroasted, unsalted cashews from the baking aisle and made the pesto.

At least I didn’t have problems with the pine nuts getting eaten. The other problem is I have several recipes that use pine nuts so its a pain not having any in the cupboard. I might have to try the cashews instead


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