Posted by: corozmum | March 16, 2010

Careers Service

Even though I knew my cv would get trashed when I visited the careers service it doesn’t prepare you for it happening! She did it in the nicest possible way. Glanced at it, pushed it to one side and got me a template. One of those templates I positively hate when I’m employing in retail!! I looked at it and wanted to cry. She tells me its just like doing an assignment. I don’t need another assignmnet, I have enough of them already!

She told me I need an academic referee. One I’ve had for 2 semesters. No, haven’t had one for two semesters. Did I do a paper last year? Yes, well use that lecturer. But I was extramural so they don’t actually know me. Use them, they can say I know how to use stream (our online education delivery system), active on the forums (I wasn’t because that class wasn’t), do online quizzes and hand in assignments on time. It struck me that my social media lecturer will be a good academic reference once this semester is finished because I have been active on forums (we’re all extramural and need that contact), will have participated in an online class and handed my assignments in online as well.

Then theres the work history. I have (gulp!), 30 years of work history. I asked how many years I should include, especially as I average 3-4 years in each job. I was told just to include the ones that are relevant to the current application. How on earth do you figure that out? I have no idea how my retail jobs will be relevant to graduate finance positions. I can see lots of sweat, tears and massive headaches ensuring. There are 3 graduates programmes available at my nearest city and they all close next week. Groan.

Because I am limited to my nearest city, I am ‘of course’ not able to apply for Top Tier grad programmes. That was a stab. To be honest, I don’t see myself as a Top Tier applicant and I’m sure I can be very happy in a 2nd or 3rd tier job. If I’m not bored rigid I’m positive it will be good!


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