Posted by: corozmum | March 15, 2010

Careers Expo

Yesterday I went to an Accounting and Finance Careers Expo on campus. It was a bit disheartening because it was really all about recruiting for accounting and I’m majoring in Finance. The careers advisor tells me it is because employers have to pay to be there and as there is such a demand for accounting graduates it is worth them coming to campus. There were lots of free goodies but I mostly got books about the companies. Not sure if it was because I was older or they wanted to give them to the accounting students. The local city council gave me all their goodies. Might be because I was the first to go to their stand after 1/2 hour!

I was horrified to find that they are recruiting now for graduate programmes starting next year. I haven’t finished my study, it seems weird to be job hunting so early. When I got home I checked the grad programmes and summer internships on line. So far they are all in the main centres. Don’t think I’d handle a 2 hour commute.

My time with the careers advisor was great. I have an appointment today to revise my cv. Apparently a cv for minimum wage retail jobs is not going to cut applying for graduate positions. They will also point me to local job search as I’m limited to the nearest provincial city (not allowed to say ‘stuck’!). And I am also going to be schooled in dealing with ageism without being defensive or aggresive. Although there is not supposed to be any ageism, it is present and I was relieved at his honesty about it.

I’m feeling snowed under with my papers already and adding job hunting, which is very time consuming, seems too much. It would be nice to be settled for next year though.


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