Posted by: corozmum | March 9, 2010

Wii Fit

I got a Wii Fit for Xmas. For a complete couch potato it has been a good way to get me off the couch! I’ve lost 4kg but seem to have hit a plateau with the next kg to make it 5. I don’t think it has helped going to university as I don’t stop long enough to do Wii most days anymore. Walking across campus means I haven’t put on what I’ve lost. My lectures are on the far side of the campus to the carpark and as my lectures start a 11 & 12 my car gets parked on the far side of the carpark!

My pet hate with Wii is the jogging on the spot. I absolutely hate it. But know I need to do it if I’m ever going to get fit enough to venture running in public. I tried marching on the spot but Wii doesn’t like it. Says my pace is erratic. So, I got a mini stepper/ thigh burner (good old Trade Me) and Wii is happier. I have to have the remote in my pocket or resting on my legs otherwise it doesn’t seem to register. If I’m holding it on my legs it defeats swinging my arms to burn more calories.

My other hate is how sick of the 3 min course I am. I wish we had a choice of scenery as we run instead of always going the same way.


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