Posted by: corozmum | March 8, 2010

Who needs a Plumber (or a Man)!

Ever since we moved here we’ve had trouble with the shower drain blocking. No amount of drain cleaner or using a plunger seemed to help. On Sunday the shower tray was full and being a thoughtful wife I whipped out the plunger to fix it before hubby came for his shower. The metal grill cover is about the size of my palm and popped out. Oooops!

When I picked it up I discovered it had a piece about palm length below it. A hair trap and yep it was absolutely chokka. When hubby was told of the hair trap he informed me that his hair is too short to block a hair trap and as my hair is long it was my problem to sort out and he continued reclining in bed. Great! As we’d been having this problem since we arrived you can bet a decent amount of that hair was not mine.

Thank goodness for disposable gloves in the bathroom for colouring my hair. The old pot scrubber did a good job around the sides of where the hair trap sits (stomach heave time) and the shower is draining nicely now. When I clean the shower I think cleaning a weeks worth of hair from the trap will be preferable to a repeat of Sunday. Yuck!

As for hubby,  he did rescue me from a hedgehog that scuttled across the bathroom the other night so I guess we’re even!


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