Posted by: corozmum | March 7, 2010

Being behind the scenes

My husband is quite upset on my behalf. I’m on a school jubilee organising committee. My job has been to go through 50 years of photo albums and scan photos of interest. I have scanned close to 1000 (only a small drop of what is there) and it has taken absolutely hours. Now others are taking the scanned photos and utilising them for displays, the jubilee book and slide shows in assembly and for the jubilee weekend coming up. Today a slide show was shown at assembly and of course the person who made the slide show was credited with ‘discovering’ all these wonderful photos.

It is disheartening but I have no idea how to counter it. Also I would have been really peeved if the photos hadn’t been used and all that work was for nothing! I guess it will keep happening and at least my husband and I know who did the dirty work!!



  1. complain perhaps mum? They shouldn’t be getting all that credit, it’s not fair, they should at least have something to say thanks to you, your spend ages doing this for them.
    Your doing pretty good on this btw and love you lots, even if the cat makes a better kid 😛

    • Dad is making comments when he hears others getting the credit. I wouldn’t know if he wasn’t telling me about it. There is a post coming up that maybe Coro doesn’t make a better kid! I just haven’t got around to it. She has been leaving us nasty surprises!

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